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Is the most widely used calendar in the world based on the birth of Jesus Christ?

The Gregorian calendar used in the United States is also the most widely used calendar in the world. The calendar era is based on the birth of Jesus of Nazareth with AD counting the years after his birth and BC referring to the years before his birth.

B.C. (Before Christ) stands for the years before the birth of Christ while A.D. "Anno Domini" means "In the year of the Lord" referring to the years after the birth of Christ.

Jesus Christ's exact birth date in not known and it has long been debated that the commonly used birth date may be off by some 4 years.

What is really important to contemplate is the fact that Jesus Christ was important enough to base the entire calendar on his birth. Jesus was not some made up, imaginary character or God. He was in fact a real living person of enough historical significance that the world should base its calendar on his birth.

We hope this will inspire you to look further into the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.