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Who is Jesus Christ?

God and Sin
To know Jesus Christ one has to know God his father. God is loving, kind, and merciful, but he is also a holy and righteous God. God is so holy that he cannot tolerate sin. Mankind always falls short of God’s mark and no man is able to live a sinless life. There are over 600 sins mentioned in the Bible. Because of repeated sins, God has condemned man to death. Every living person on earth will eventually die. God has promised eternal life after this life on this earth, if you are willing to put your faith in his son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ our Savior
Jesus Christ was sent to earth, by God, to live a sinless life and become an example to man. Jesus voluntarily suffered on earth and was ultimately sacrificed on the cross to provide a pardon for man’s sins. Jesus’s sacrifice (crucifixion) is the atonement for mankind. Atonement is a critical and important part of Christianity. It is defined as the forgiving of sin through the death of Jesus Christ. Atonement offers a way for human beings to be reconciled with God.

Jesus paid the ultimate price for man’s sin through his crucifixion and suffering. God has generously offered salvation to anyone who confesses their sin, puts their faith in Jesus Christ and asks for God’s forgiveness.

More about Jesus Christ
Jesus was born both man in human flesh and God. He was born of a virgin mother with God’s seed. He is the Son of God and after his crucifixion was resurrected (brought back to life) to sit in a place of honor by God's side. Jesus’s life on earth consisted of teaching, preaching and healing.

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Jesus knew his purpose on earth and willingly suffered an agonizing death. He often spoke to his disciples about the future and his ultimate fate. Jesus was whipped, tortured and crucified by order of Pontius Pilate on charges of stirring up rebellion against the Roman Empire. His suffering and crucifixion was God’s gift so man’s sin could be forgiven. Three days after his crucifixion God raised him from the dead on what is now celebrated as Easter Sunday. Salvation and God’s forgiveness can only be achieved by admission of your sins, repentance, and faith in a resurrected Jesus Christ.


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