Love Christian Life

Even as a babe God whispered to me
“My love for you is forever there”.
God has always been a part of my life;
Though I was unaware.

He came to me as I lay sleeping;
And beckoned me to love Him
He promised to be the light in my life
If ever it became dim.

God said to me “I know the plans I have for you”
And every day I miss the mark.
But in God’s grace alone,
He protects me from the dark.

He has gifted to me so much
More than I deserve,
Yet when times are troubled,
My trust for Him, I hold in reserve.

Why am I so different when I’m in the world?
Why don’t I scream His name?
Why am I a part-time Christian girl?
Why do I hide my faith in shame?

Yet I’ve seen the suffering you’ve endured
And know this was done for me.
The gift of your only Son was mine;
To set my sins free.

I pray that You change me;
Make me more like your Son;
To allow me to glorify You,
As Your chosen one.

I ask that You shine through me,
So the world may see the Way
Take me and mold me;
You are the Potter and I am the clay.

The loved ones who have gone before
Are with You today.
And without need to ponder
I know I’ll be with them one day.

Eternal paradise has been gifted to me;
It is my inheritance because of God’s grace.
His spirit dwells in my heart;
His kingdom is my resting place.

Today I have renewed my life in You.
I am filled with excitement and joy,
Anticipating what your plans will be.
Father, I thank you for taking me as Your child. 
But mostly I thank You for setting me free.

        Ann Crean Reynolds
        April 18, 2004